Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Day 8

Not too much has been going on today, which is actually a nice change of pace.

Peanut's got to have some x-rays tomorrow of his abdomen and they're going to teach me how to administer the sub-q fluids myself which I have no problem with. I just stick the needle in the back of neck and let it drip at full bore. It's in the same spot where they give him his shots. I'm just praying that there's no masses or tumors on the films tomorrow. Ugh.

Class went well tonight. We actually got out an hour early due to illness - there were supposed to be three presentations by students and only two groups actually presented. The third group had someone out sick so they will have to present on the last night of class which is only two weeks away. I got a perfect score on my autobiography. That's the odd thing about counseling programs, before they ready us to counsel others, they make us expose all of our secrets so we're aware of them. There's no point going to see a counselor if the counselor is more in need of therapy than the client.

I made some excellent meatballs from scratch for dinner tonight which my husband really liked. I also scrubbed the bathroom raw. Man, how can two individuals create such a mess? It's just the two of us and that bathroom was gross. And it's not like I don't clean it regularly, but this was super-duper-extra cleaning in preparation for Thanksgiving when my mother will be here. Who knew a bathroom could get so dusty?? I had to use Windex on the tops of candles I have in there for decoration. I'm coming to think that decoration of any kind in the bathroom is just a waste because everything gets so dusty!

I have an unexpected hour of free time tonight and if you do too...


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