Thursday, October 22, 2009

Day 3

I just got home from class and almost forgot to log in today...but I have my reader to consider so I will make an entry today. Yes, you read that correctly: I said "reader."

My first class of the semester ended tonight and I'm currently pulling a 94 so I'm feeling very confident about the whole thing. I turned in my final project and I think the instructor felt a personal connection to it, so I'm sure I'll do well. It's nice to be that confident because in my on-line Career Counseling & Development class I have no friggin' idea where I stand grade wise. I've turned in 2 assignments that haven't been graded yet and that drives me a little crazy. If I have to have it done on a certain date, the least I would expect is a quick turn-around on the grading process. That's all I ask, really.

Oprah had a good show today. Although some vegan chef made some creamed soup that looked a lot like toddler vomit if you ask me. The whole group dance thing with Black Eyed Peas was pretty cool though.

My husband is being a total and complete dick. I can't put it in any other words. He comes home from work in a lousy mood and sulks until I leave for class. Now that one of my classes is completed, we'll be staring at the TV in the same room 6 nights out of the week instead of the usual 5. It's been this way for so long, I wonder where we start. It's so stupid because when he wants sex, then he'll come home in a chipper mood and actually talk to me. It's not abusive in any way, but this sort of smacks of my previous marriage and that scares me because that was abusive and horrible and ugly. I thought about writing him a note tonight because we often do that for each other since he leaves for work at 5am, but I don't want to lay all of this on him right before he goes to work at a job he hates for 8 hours. I tend to express myself better in writing though, so maybe I'll write the note while he's at work tomorrow and give it to him when he gets home. I know he's got a late meeting tomorrow and will come home in a particularly glum mood. I love him and I know he loves me...we just don't like each other a whole lot sometimes. Isn't that the way with most relationships? All except for the relationship I have with Peanut. The best part of his day is whatever part I spend with him and that's amazing.

Get some sleep. Enjoy.

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