Friday, January 8, 2010


God I hate having a cold, although I have to say, it's a lot better having a cold without having to go into an office for work. I don't have to make a daily decision about calling in sick, exhausting energy by just getting dressed and being at work, and wonder how many other people I'm spreading my germs to. I'm not nearly as exhausted with this cold though, exactly because I've been able to rest during the day and can lay around in sweats. I can nap if I need to or just take a break: none of which happen when one is employed.
Although there are benefits to not working while sick, overall I'm starting to get a bit bored with being at home full time. Both of my classes are on line so it's not like I have to leave the house for class twice a week. If I chose not to, I'd never have to leave the house really: I can tie Peanut up outside for him to do his doggy business and that's as far as I go some days. Mark always has done most of the grocery shopping so I'm not going to waste away in my hovel. It seemed that there was so much more to do before Christmas: I would go gift shopping, or even on line shop and wrap presents. That's all over and money is pretty tight right now.
I keep thinking that within 2 weeks we'll be flush again, but life happens within those two weeks and bam, we're no better off than we were two weeks prior. It's not that I don't know how to save, it's that my dog is on expensive prescription dog food and he needs to eat. The cat needs litter. We need toilet paper. It's a never ending cycle of expenses. I entered the Oprah Magazine and Ellen's TV show daily give-a-ways in December hoping beyond hope for a miracle and that my email would be chosen for a myriad of gifts from Best Buy. What else is there to do?
Of course I'm looking for work and have an interview next week, but it's not a job I really want. It's in customer service, blah blah blah I HATE WORKING IN CUSTOMER SERVICE. It's a job, I know, but I feel that a little piece of me dies every time I walked into a job I didn't like and was quite frankly, over qualified for. My shrink told me I was under-employed at my last job and I totally agree with him. I've been under-employed with every job I've had since college except for one while I lived in Milwaukee. What else is there to do? School graduation can't come soon enough.
I hope none of you are sick and that you all find your work fulfilling because if you do, you're lucky.

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