Tuesday, November 3, 2009

November 3

So one of my assignments from my MD was to go out to places where I may run into co-workers during the day. I have this blinding anxiety about going to the grocery store because if someone I worked with saw me there, that would get reported right back to HR. At least it has before when "I was doing something I shouldn't have been doing while out on a medical leave." So you can understand my trepidation about going to Wal Mart during the lunchtime rush hour for some casual grocery shopping. But I did it!! I left my house right at noon and got into Wally World at about 12:10pm. I made my way down my list that my husband helped construct as he usually does all of the grocery shopping. I didn't get all "gussied up" but I wasn't wearing my pajamas either so I felt comfortable in my apparel selection for the afternoon. Just as I was walking down the main aisle to find a check-out, I heard my name behind me, just a whisper of, "Kristine." I turned around and there was one of my totally kick ass friends from work running in to get some soda for her desk at work. We hugged, she told me I looked good in that way where there are a few pauses in it, which I completely understood because as I said, I wasn't red-carpet material today. So we chatted for a few minutes and I briefly told her what my mission was and she said she was proud of me for getting out today, and we parted ways. She was in the "Less than 20 items" category and I definitely was not.

By the time I pulled into my garage I was exhausted. I had brought along all of my canvas tote bags so I didn't need to pack any of my groceries in those plastic non-bio-degradable horrors and I had about 50 pounds of groceries to pack on my back like a work mule, but I did that too.

I have my final group presentation tonight for my Theories class which I'm of course not really looking forward to, but I'll go and get it done and will have done excellent work.

By continuing to do the chores I don't really want to do, I find myself feeling just a little better for having done them. I still don't feel well enough to dress up in my red-carpet formal, but jeans and a sweater will suffice for most of my upcoming social engagements and I can handle that for now. The red-carpet days will come again, they always do. It's just not today.


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